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Wild One Pastel Animal Print Birthday Outfit // Optional Fabric Tutu Top Headband // Pink Blue Yellow Giraffe Zebra // Baby Toddler Girl

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NB Bodysuit SS
NB Bodysuit LS
3M Bodysuit SS
3M Bodysuit LS
6M Bodysuit SS
6M Bodysuit LS
9M Bodysuit SS
9M Bodysuit LS
12M Bodysuit SS
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You can order this set (or any in our shop) in any colors you want, not just
the colors in the first image! Send us a message with your color description,
theme, invitation, Pinterest board, or other pictures to show us your colors.
We'll work with you to get your custom outfit made! You can be as much or
little involved as you'd like. (=

Our highest priorities are quality and customer service! We make our orders
carefully and in a timely manner. We'd love to make this birthday outfit for
your little one!

• • • • • • • PACKAGES • • • • • • •

To view pricing, select one of these packages in the drop down menu above...

A. Top Only
B. Top + Hairpiece
C. Tutu Only
D. Tutu + Hairpiece
E. Tutu + High Chair Banner*
F. Top + Tutu
G. Top + Tutu + Hairpiece
H. Top + Tutu + Hairpiece + Cake Banner
I. Tutu + Hairpiece + High Chair Banner*
J. Top + Tutu + Hairpiece + High Chair Banner*
K. Top + Tutu + Hairpiece + High Chair Banner* + Cake Banner

* High Chair Banner is a 3-Foot Banner and may also be used as a wall/archway

• • • • • • • ITEM DETAILS • • • • • • •

You can purchase any combination of items, as described below in Packages A-K.

❖ Fabric Tutu
This tutu-style skirt is assembled with fabric strips attached to a ribbon
waist, fastened with a bow. To put on the tutu, untie the bow, wrap the tutu
around her waist, then re-tie the bow. The waist comes on the bigger side for
each size to give you a very full tutu. To make the waist smaller, just remove
as many fabric knots as necessary by sliding them off each end of ribbon, wrap
the tutu back around her waist, and re-tie the bow. The waist can be easily
adjusted to fit her exact waist size. Also, plan to have your little one wear a
diaper cover, bloomers, or leggings under her tutu.

Hand wash minimally and hang to dry. Steam or iron. Use protective cloth when
ironing ribbon.

❖ Birthday Top
Vinyl transfers are carefully applied to the garment and are washable. Sleeve
options are listed in the "Size" drop down menu.

❖ Headband or Clip
If you order the headband but want a clip, you can change it to a clip by
leaving a note during checkout. Fabric bow comes attached to soft 5/8" elastic
for a headband, as shown, or on a smooth metal alligator clip wrapped in ridged
ribbon if a clip is requested.

❖ Fabric High Chair Banner (with or without center flag)
Made to match the tutu. Comes with a canvas bunting flag in the middle with
the number that matches the age on the top in this listing. You can request no
flag or a different number in the notes at checkout.

❖ Fabric Cake Banner
Made to match the tutu. Adjustable width (6-8 inches) to fit the size of your
cake. Simply untie one of the loose knots on one of the bamboo sticks and slide
the fabric pieces over. Then retie the string to the bamboo stick.

• • • • • • • SHIRT OPTIONS • • • • • • •

We offer t-shirts and bodysuits. Long sleeve stock varies based on seasons.

Size/Sleeves/Style Key:

Tee SS = short sleeve t-shirt (pictured above)
Tee LS = long sleeve t-shirt
Bdyst SS = short sleeve bodysuit

• • • • • • • SIZING INFORMATION • • • • • • •

❖ Black Bodysuits
Brand: Creations of Grace
These run small. No size chart is available in this brand, but they run
shorter and wider than Carter's bodysuits. To choose a size for a black
bodysuit, please refer to the Carter's size chart immediately above this
section. BUT if either of baby's measurements are at the upper end of a range,
I would advise choosing the next size up (i.e. A 24 lb infant would be best
fitted in a 12-18M (18M) bodysuit because they would be at the upper end of the
9-12M (12M) bodysuit range).

❖ Toddler Tees
Brand: Garanimals
These run true to size to a little small. They are fitted and so can be
ordered one size bigger without being too baggy. When in doubt, order based on
height and weight, as listed below. Girls' sleeved shirts have gathered,
slightly puffed sleeves. Tank tops are ribbed.

18M • HEIGHT: 30 - 31.5" ; WEIGHT: 22.5 - 26 lbs
24M • HEIGHT: 32 - 33.5" ; WEIGHT: 26.5 - 30 lbs
2T • HEIGHT: 32 - 33.5" ; WEIGHT: 26.5 - 30 lbs
3T • HEIGHT: 34 - 37.5" ; WEIGHT: 30.5 - 34 lbs
4T • HEIGHT: 38 - 41.5" ; WEIGHT: 34 - 38 lbs
5T • HEIGHT: 42 - 44.5" ; WEIGHT: 38 - 42 lbs

❖ Tutus
Tutus are made with varying fabric strip lengths that fall above the knee.
They come assembled on ribbon waists, which allow for an adjustable waist size
by moving or removing the knots. Our waist sizes are made on the bigger side so
that if a smaller waist is needed, you can remove a few knots. Most customers
prefer this type of waist because it is the most adjustable option that can
grow with your child and allows for a fuller tutu than on elastic!

Tutu Sizing

(waists are adjustable by customer - slide knots over)

3M •WAIST: 17" ; LENGTH: 6" (longest strips)
6M • WAIST: 17.5" ; LENGTH: 6.5" (longest strips)
9M • WAIST: 18" ; LENGTH: 6.75" (longest strips)
12M • WAIST: 19" ; LENGTH: 7" (longest strips)
18M • WAIST: 20" ; LENGTH: 7.25" (longest strips)
24M • WAIST: 20" ; LENGTH: 7.5" (longest strips)
2T • WAIST: 20" ; LENGTH: 7.5" (longest strips)
3T • WAIST: 21" ; LENGTH: 8" (longest strips)
4T • WAIST: 23" ; LENGTH: 9" (longest strips)
5T • WAIST: 24" ; LENGTH: 10" (longest strips)

• • • • • • • CUSTOMIZATIONS • • • • • • •

Want different colors? Make custom requests by sending a message, and we'll
see if we can do it!

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